lørdag 2. september 2017

365 - ongoing series

Three more from The Project this year. The 365@50 thing, you know. 
I have posted the notes from my book on the snaps lately, but since we were out there on the tiny little island of Ona and had to leave in a hurry about a week ago, the little black book is still out there.  Just had to leave both the book and a bunch of cameras, but I'll get out there to pick them up some day soon I hope. 
Anyway, I know what they are, the snaps. So I'm able to tell you what I think was most likely noted.

#068 - The Crane repair man traveled down the coast in a boat. They stopped in my home town, so I went for a chat and a snap.
#069 - The Cat, as it usually looks when I get home. Time for food, she seems to think.
#070 - Chain Saw Day. A lot of work done, but things look better in that area now. 




2 kommentarer:

  1. The cat is striking a pose there, Roy! :) And be careful with that chainsaw...fearsome things altogether. That Scarface scene....

    1. I know, I know Michael. One still have to start it up every now and then just to feel alive. Not too alive, of course, since that would only bring the fearsome stuff out... let's stay away from that, huh? :))


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